Floriane Paccoud - owner and female personal trainer in edmonton at flourish fitness

Floriane Liberty

Holistic Wellness Coach & Owner of Flourish Fitness

Having had a personal weight loss of over 60 lbs, I know first hand what it takes to transform one’s body. Growing up, I was always the ‘fat friend’ until one day I decided to take back control of my health, and change the trajectory of my life. Over 2 years I lost 65 lbs, and gained a ton of confidence! I managed to lose the weight & keep it off, until covid happened and my weight slowly started to creep back up. That’s when I went on my second weight loss journey, and managed to lose 25 lbs and tone up for my wedding!

This recent transformation was so eye opening for me, because the first time around I was SO focused on just being skinny, where as this time my objective was to be STRONG and lean. Needless to say I feel (and look) WAY better after this second fat loss phase, due to having built up more muscle mass and lifting heavier weights! Ladies, if you want to tone you NEED to lift heavy!!

From struggling with being overweight, and then making a personal transformation, has stemmed my passion for fitness coaching.

Helping others accomplish their goals and feel the level of empowerment that comes along with taking charge of one’s health, is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I can’t wait to help you achieve the body of your dreams!!


CanFit Pro Personal Training Certificate
Pain Free Performance Specialist
HCI Health & Life Coach Certificate
ACE Personal Training Certificate
Vegetarian Nutrition Certificate

Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist Certificate

Areas of Focus

Beginners to the gym

Weight loss

Dialing in nutrition for sustainable results

Injury rehab and pain reduction

Building muscle & toning

Gaining strength without looking bulky

Pre & Post natal with focus on core rehab

Holistic approach to living a balanced life style


10-Session Pack

10 Personal Training Sessions Only


Total Transformation Program

24 Personal Training Sessions + Life Coaching


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