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Transformative Personal Training for Women in Edmonton

At Flourish Fitness, a fitness journey with us means more than just achieving your physical goals; it’s about empowering you to lead a healthier, more vibrant life. Our tailored approach ensures that every workout plan is customized to meet your individual needs, whether you aim to lose weight, gain strength, improve endurance, or embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Our goal is to create a supportive and motivational environment catered to women. Our team of female personal trainers in Edmonton brings a deep understanding of the unique fitness challenges and aspirations women face. They are not just instructors but partners in your fitness journey, dedicated to guiding you toward your personal best with compassion and expertise.

Why Work With A Personal Trainer in Edmonton?

Choosing to work with one of our female personal trainers in Edmonton can offer a ton of benefits to your fitness journey. Whether you are just starting out or looking to elevate your fitness routine, here’s why a personal trainer might be your best ally:

Fitness Plan Personalized to You

Our trainers tailor fitness plans to your unique goals and lifestyle, ensuring your workouts are effective and directly aligned with your objectives. This approach guarantees that every exercise contributes to your success, making your fitness journey efficient and rewarding.

Motivation and Support

Constant motivation is key to sustaining your fitness journey, and our trainers excel in keeping you inspired. They are your cheerleaders, celebrating every achievement and providing the push you need to overcome challenges, ensuring you remain committed and focused.

Safety and Instruction

Our trainers prioritize your safety, teaching correct techniques and forms to prevent injuries and maximize workout benefits. Their expertise ensures you’re performing each exercise safely, enhancing your confidence and skill in various fitness activities.

Empathy and Understanding

Our team of female personal trainers offer an empathetic and understanding approach, creating a supportive space for discussing challenges and concerns. This fosters a deeper, more meaningful trainer-client relationship, essential for achieving personal growth and fitness success.

Floriane, the owner of Flourish Fitness - a womens gym in edmonton - performing a check in with a client

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Fitness Programs For Any Goal

We understand that everyone’s fitness journey and goals are as unique as they are. So our trainers can develop a program tailored to your specific needs and aspirations, such as:

Weight Loss

Strength Training

Flexibility and mobility

Cardiovascular Fitness

Pre/Post Natal

Small Group



Personal Training Pricing

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($75/per session)

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($70/per session)

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Why Clients Love Our Personal Trainers in Edmonton

Brooklynn Thys
Brooklynn Thys
Amazing vibe, the gym is so pretty and has great equipment! Floraine is an angel, and the the staff are so nice :)
Layla Holly
Layla Holly
This gym is so clean and welcoming! I was nervous to start training with Floriane but she made me feel so comfortable!
I’ve known Floriane for a few years and not only is she an incredible trainer, she truly has a heart of gold. Floriane’s passion and dedication to help others achieve their goals goes so far past physical health. She works holistically and takes into consideration your environment, stress, work life balance, diet, routine, relationships, etc you name it. Floriane takes into account what you have going on in your life, and helps you set realistic expectations, but doesn’t hesitate to push you to keep you on track when it gets tough. She is there for you through and through. I have taken the bridal boot camp and a 13 week coaching program which were 10/10. I have also been working out at her new gym since it opened, and I am SO impressed. All the equipment you’d need, the space to work out comfortably as it is never overcrowded, and overall has a great vibe because the community of women she has built are truly amazing and I am grateful to be a part of it. If you have gym anxiety like I did, I promise you won’t after going to Flourish 🤍
Liane Waugh
Liane Waugh
A gem! Beautiful space to work out with fun, girlie touches and visuals. Floriane, the owner is so passionate about fitness and making a safe, comfortable place for women to train! I’ve trained with Floriane pregnant and postpartum, and with baby in tow and it’s always a super positive experience with real results! The classes are awesome too!
Meera Gill
Meera Gill
Floraine is the best trainer! She's attentive to you, your needs, your goals, and body type. She's incredibly positive and motivates me to stay committed to my goals. I'm so glad I stumbled upon her and decided to take the leap.
Jessica Bitar
Jessica Bitar
I love this gym! I love that it is limited memberships so you do not have a crowded gym, a lot of the time you have the whole gym to yourself or there is one or two other people. I love the colour too. I also adore Floriane and I am thankful she opened this women’s gym, it was definitely needed for women of all gym types, from beginners to advanced. I was always paying for gym memberships but never going because I felt intimidated by how many people were at the gym and because I did not know what to do. Floriane made me feel so comfortable and now I have a gym routine that I follow. Thank you so much! ❤️
Aaron Day
Aaron Day
My wife absolutely loves coming to Flourish Fitness!
Crystal cole
Crystal cole
Loved working out here today. Needed a different type of workout using free bar machines like their squat rack that my gym doesn’t have. Enjoyed all the space between machines and used the sled which I enjoyed. Had an amazing workout and the atmosphere was lovely. As was The owner Floriane, she was so helpful, sweet and easy going. She helped me learn a new workout and helped me with my form. Very appreciative of all the info I learned about technique and form. Such a fun place with no pressure to check out! Definitely will be coming back to drop in again! Hope your gym Flourishes just like its name. :)
Drey Mitchell
Drey Mitchell
I recently joined this all women’s gym, and was immediately blown away by the gorgeous atmosphere and level of customer service provided by the owners. They have an amazing variety of group classes, and their personal training program is elite. I used to go to other various commercial gyms and honestly the best decision I ever made was switching to this private gym. It is clean and the environment is so supportive and welcoming. If you’re looking for a sign to switch to Flourish Fitness, consider this it!
Kimberly Ukpatiku
Kimberly Ukpatiku
I am uncomfortable at the moment with regular gyms so this women only gym is such a good option for me! Plus they are trans-fem friendly <3

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